Unfined – A Natural Haze

bALE Ale is as natural as you can get – we do not use any kind of fining and our ale is designed to be served with a natural haze – which to be honest we think makes our ale a whole lot sexier as well as suitable for vegans and without any unnecessary additions. We believe this is the best way for the ale and therefore the best way for the consumer (that’s you)

The alcohol industry perpetuates the notion that ale must be clear otherwise it has gone bad – this is not the case and in actual fact the natural haze in unfined ale is a sign of quality; it shows that enough hops have been used and a good quality yeast

What Are Finings?

Finings (fish bladder, Irish moss, protafloc tablets…etc etc) are designed to flocculate the live yeast in ale during the fermentation / conditioning process making the yeast settle at the bottom of the fermentation vessle / cask leaving the ale clear. All ale clears over time but finings simply speed up the process

Is Cloudy Ale Off…..???

Cloudy ale got a bad reputation a while ago when ales were often stored incorrectly or for too long – this would result in off ale being served and for some this created a link between cloudy ale and off ale. The cloudiness was simply a symptom of the incorrectly handled ale rather than the root cause of the problem
In reality a cloudy ale is just that because of the live yeast that exists within and the amount / quality of the hops used to craft it. bALE Ale fully believe a cloudy ale that shines from deep within the glass looks so much better than an unnaturally cleared ale using additions that really don’t have to be there. It also means that there is no chance of any fish guts coming anywhere near our product making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians – which is ideal because vegans and vegetarians are awesome.Taking care to not give any actual health advice because that’s not our thing we would also like to point out the health benefits of yeast – it is a source of protein, chromium and B-vitamins. It is used to treat all kinds of problems from skin problems to the common cold. SO why would you not want some floating around in your ale – making it look gorgeous and adding nothing but good to your experience

So – prepare yourself for the cloudy revolution as its catching on – more and more producers are beginning to remove finings from their products, and now you’ve read this page you’ll be able to impress your friends over a bALE Ale with the reasons why

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