bALE Ale is about more than just ale, we don’t just want to sell ale and move on otherwise what is the point. We want to be responsible for getting people outside and moving as much as possible. We want to inspire anyone with the inclination to get out and enjoy this beautiful world – be it on a bike or on foot, on a tandem or solo, it doesn’t matter if you’re breaking records or just raising your heart rate slightly it the act of getting moving that counts. Movement and activity are not only good for the body but also good for the mind, an active life keeps you healthy and happy

Since our inception we have been searching for a charity with a similar ethos to be involved with and that is when a chance meeting became a partnership

In July 2016 bALE Ale linked up with Team Rubicon UK


Team Rubicon UK is a charity whose primary mission is providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters, be they domestic or international. By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans, first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions Team Rubicon aim to solve problems where the need is greatest

Team Rubicon members are predominantly veterans, they are engaged through social events and training for International and UK disaster responses. Through these social and training events their sense of purpose grows and smooth transition to civilian life through community service projects is achieved. Through continued service, Team Rubicon seeks to provide veterans with the three main things they lose after leaving the military: purpose – gained through disaster relief, community – built by serving with others and self-worth from recognising the impact one individual can make