Some of the best places to get your cycling news with links below

The Velocast – Podcast

The Velocast is a weekly (daily during the Grand Tours) cycling podcast run by Scott O’Raw and John Galloway; very informative but with a large helping of humour this podcast is a great way to keep up to date with the goings on in the professional peloton. They have contributions from Cillian Kelly who is basically a cycling encyclopedia and Ashley House from Eurosport who gives a really first hand insight and in depth analysis from the ground at the bigger races

A subscription gets you a range of shows from their weekly news show to the TWITCH cycling history podcast and daily shows at all the Grand Tours – well worth it


The Inner Ring – News and Analysis Website

Without doubt the most comprehensive cycling news and analysis website you will find on the internet. If there is a story that needs breaking down then this is the place to come to find some of the most interesting, intelligent and insightful commentary regarding the world of professional cycling. Look no further