bALE fell in love with brewing, experimenting, testing, and refining different types of ale on a very small batch basis; playing with recipes and never being afraid to try new ingredients or tread new ground

Coupling a passion for ale with a passion for cycling the two came together to form the perfect blend of the outdoor life and hand crafted artisan ale

From humble beginnings bALE Ale is now a nanobrewery situated just off the Dartmoor National Park buried in the Devon hills. We have our own natural spring water straight from Dartmoor which gives our ale a natural base from which to build its layers of flavour. Flavours drawn from locally sourced malt made in the traditional malt house way balanced against new world hops from all over the globe

Simplicity is the aim, minimising intervention and allowing the malt and hops to speak for themselves. Our equipment may have got bigger and slightly more sophisticated but we remain true to our roots and for us the single most important thing is quality over quantity

Our ales will go on to define a generation